How Does Internet Work

To know about how does internet works;we need to understand what is internet.In fact,internet is a network of network .First of all, we need to understand fundamental mechanism of internet.

There are three companies which are connected to each others to provide the internet:

  • TR1 Company (responsive: internet data travels through ocean)
  • TR2 Company (responsive: national label connection)
  • TR3 Company (responsive: ISP or local/village label connection)

These all companies  co-operate  each other to provide the internet connection to each other to provide the internet service to the public. These companies inter-connects optical fibers etc connection to transfer and receive the data packets. These data packets travel through the optical fiber, LAN Cable or wireless technologies which is then connected to our computer and laptop. Hence, Internet Works. 

TR1 Company:

This company spread the Fiber Optic Cable in the sea. It has the capacity of 100 GBPS of internet speed.  If a fiber optic cable is destroy in any reason like shark attack in under the sea than TR1 Company do maintenance to it. Click here for detail.

TR2 Company:

TR1 company and they spread the INTERNET Sea to National Labels and they connect it. After then then interact to TR3 company.

TR3 Company:

Generally, Local Internet Service Providers(ISP) can be considered as TR3 company. They provide the internet to our home, offices, restaurents etc.

10% of INTERNET is connected to satellite. It is only Intelligence Agency that can Access The internet. Which is used by army team etc. to protect their privacy & so on.

In a simple manner, internet connection can be shown with the following diagram.

image source:

About the topics – ‘how does internet works?’ is little complex discussion because it relates with the router’s routing, it’s configuration(username,password provided by ISPs), ip addresses, dns, tcp-ip concepts, data send-receive techniques, payment rule applied by internet service providers, those are also associated with this method.

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