Why Does Computer Get Problem?


Computer is an electronic machine/equipment which itself can not do anything without getting proper instruction by computer user. Now a days, different types of Robots are designed and discovered but they are not being fully successful for making critical decisions.

I am not saying here that computer related technologies are bad. If they are utilized properly, It works too easily; too comfortably. Too difficult calculations and too hard computing gets too easy with computers. But, If the computer system crashes, our works will be stopped. Here are the things –

I have discussed about – why does computer crash or why does the computer gets the problem:

  • Problems are always unexpected : We become ill if we take too much cold drinks or too much glasses of beer that are not suitable for our health even if we are curious to our health then also we get physical problem e.g. falling from the ladder. Our minds unexpectedly fails to know the situation of the position of leg on ladder therefore we fall on the floor. Same thing happens with computer.
  •  Lake of attention on dialogue / messages may create issues: On the computer screen, we gets more and more texts and instruction. We sometime do not take attention on the the dialogue boxes or messages said by computer e.g. task bar notification saying that “your computer is at risk, your antivirus program….fix this issue”. But, we do not take attention on this message. If antivirus itself gets problem, the computer may infected with serious viruses and malwares, therefore our computer o/s may crash.
  • Installing unknown applications or visiting unsecured website may create restrictions: Many software developers are developing many applications & software daily. There is not the cent percent guaranteed to say that any applications or software are good for your computers or laptop e.g. some fake registry editor applications may cause the computer slow, registry corrupt or win startup errors.

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