Which Antivirus is the Best Antivirus?


Antivirus application is the software developed by different software or Antivirus companies which helps to remove the viruses & malwares from your computer or laptop.


But, there are many decades that which antivirus is the best antivirus among our computer world.  There are generally two types of antivirus: 1. Free Antivirus 2. Paid Antivirus. Free antivirus can be downloaded from internet but they have not full functionalities whether some antiviruses like 360 Total Security, Avira are giving more protected thread to remove the viruses. However, Kaspersky, Quick heal, Norton, Bull Guard, e.t.c are the paid type of  antivirus which can be bought from computer shop which gives the extra protection to your computer and laptop.  360

Which is the Best Antivirus?

Not exact answer at this time. But, everyone. Every antivirus- detects virus and removes it. From the market, various types of antivirus CDs can be bought.  Kaspersky, Quickheal, 360 Total Security, Norton, Bull Guard, Eset Nod32, Avira e.t.c. are the example of latest antiviruses.  I can say you that, if your computer is not connected to internet, or not connected with USB Flash drives & games DVDs, you may not be needed to install antivirus programs in your PC because you are not connected with virus coming sources but I am not saying that you do not need to install the antivirus on your PC.

“If the virus definition file of your any antivirus program is up to date, your computer is said to be fully protected.”

Your computer will be fully protected if your computer’s antivirus program is fully active and up to date. The virus definition file needs to be up to date so as to remove the latest detected viruses.

Windows 10 has its own antivirus: Windows Defender. You may not need to install any antivirus program but it has sometime bad reputation that sometime it has some issues. So, we recommend to install the paid or any other powerful antivirus program.

Two or more antivirus program need not to be installed in same PC or laptop; otherwise your computer become hang or shows unexpected behavior or become very slow; CPU Usage- high, computer does not respond well.

– Request an antivirus program online (please write in the form, which antivirus do you need.)

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