Is Windows Update Important?


Windows Update is the most common task which commonly and automatically performs on Windows PC. Windows Update not only makes the Windows software up to date, it also sends the security update and other necessary Microsoft program to our PC by which computer gets protected from Hackers and malwares.


Windows may give an alert when Windows Update is disabled in your computer.  Allowing Windows Update on our PC downloads the files from internet(Windows Update server) and install on the computer.

How important is Windows Update?

Windows Update receives latest security update on our client PC  which prevents your computer from Hacking and Viruses. If you have no any antivirus program in your computer, Windows Update must be on or also if you have antivirus program in your PC, then also Windows Update needs to be enabled but one thing is that, if you have enabled the Windows Update in your PC, you must be patient because if you connect your PC to internet, the computer starts to download security update and other update to the PC then it installs itself in your computer automatically.


Design Image Only. Microsoft sometime suggests to install the new windows e.g. suggesting to install ‘Windows 10’ in Windows 7 PCs. This was in 2016.

Sometime, you can not shut down your PC quickly. It alerts not to turn off your computer because at this time, system files and programs are installing in the background, if you turn off your PC, operating system may be crashed.


To turn off the Windows Update, go to ‘Change the settings’>’Never check for Update(Not recommended)’; but it is not recommended by Microsoft.

Microsoft says that every customer must enable the Windows Update; but the drawback is that, after installing some updates sometime may slow down that PC; from My Experience, I am saying with you. If your computer gets slower performance due to Windows Update, you can turn off the Windows Update. Go to ‘Settings ‘> Windows Update or Go to ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Windows Update’ to change the w. update setting. If you are not getting any disturbance due to Windows Update, that’s good to install update automatically from Windows Update Server.

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